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Changeable Styles

Snap Frames   Frameless

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Dry Erase Hospital Boards for Nurse, Patient and Doctor Communications & Relations!
18x24 $   24x30   24x36 $    24x48   36x48 48x48 48x72  48x96
Look at layouts by Usage & Dept

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Custom Printed & Sized
Hospital Room Boards
Improve Patient Care with Custom Patient Charts

What better way is there to increase patient satisfaction (and score higher on your patient satisfaction surveys) than to improve communication between patients doctors, nurses and staff?

We are the Experts... with over 45,000 sold!

"I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job!"  
--Joel M Bautista, Del Sol Medical Center

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Indoff, CT are the experts at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards.  Our expertise allows us to offer beautiful hospital boards for your patients' rooms in a multitude of styles and price ranges.  Whether you need 3 or 3,000 we have the capability of meeting your needs.  Our process uses high-resolution digital files that are die-sublimated onto our dry erase boards, so any layout and infinite colors are available.

IMPORTANT - Treat the surface of a dry-erase board like you would treat a pair of glasses - only soft, non-abrasive materials should ever touch it!

No Disinfectant failures in 10+ years using our DaPlus Film!
20 year warranty on boards

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Live Customer Service Personnel are also available to help you create your perfect hospital whiteboard,
9:00 am - 5:00 pm EST. 

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Whether you know exactly what you want or you need some guidance along the way, we're here to help! 
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1. Choose Your Size
2. Choose Your Frame
3. Get Layout Ideas
4. Select Logos and Clip Art
5. Work with our designers LIVE
6. Semi-Live High Speed Alternative

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Hospital Board Index

18" x 24" Our Most Popular Size by Far 
Simple Wallpaper w/ fixed layout
actual sample details pictures of
layout info & templates to use 
Pricing of 18" x 24"      
Sample Board  details and how to get
Scheduling Boards
Size Comparisons at 12x18, 18x24, 24x36, 36x48

Acute Care Boards EZ Boards

Angle Brackets for mounting

Aluminum Frame - pics at Frame pictures to compare
EZ-Hang   Available on all our Boards
see 24x36 with tray   See also   Ohio   CT

Anti-Ligature boards

Artwork - Camera Ready FAQ
Lines    WaterMarks    Pantone Colors
A1391      A1906   A1870  

Approvals=>   Approval Page all Links
BoardsOverlaysMagnetsSnap-Frame   Placards
Overlay for Mobile Board   3-sided rotating   Frameless

Behavioral Health 

Boxing - Boxing and Fulfillment

Brochure 4-Page covering line Hospital Boards  

Calendars - Any size and they take magnets

ital Associations, Chains, Systems, Foundations and Groups that use us

Cleaning and Warranty => Cleaning Note
  Installing    Warrantee w/DaPlus Film    Erasers   
 Extreme use    Repair   Warrantee no Film 
 Boards from others and use of disinfectants  
Thickness of sublimation issue

Cleaning Markers and pens  
see Tab Why use Indoff
FAQ on Antimicrobial

Cleanint-  your way lessen transmitted diseases Cleanint
Cleanpen for pens and markers   
Cleanstethoscope for stethoscopes

Changeable Boards -
Snap Frame Changeable Index
Frameless Magnetic Changeable
COAF Convert OAF to changeable Board
     Index,    FAQ'sPricing
     Video,   Frame drawing.    Shim
DaPlus10 pricing for COAF
Magnet Overlays 
Easy change Pros & Cons   HRM
Changeable Sections

Checklist Boards - Layout ideas

Chemicals - Known Resistance and FAQ's

CMS - Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Problem with Prompting

You don't pay extra for color.  Call us about matching.  Printing is digital at 720 DPI.  PMS Pantone   Pixelation

Combo Boards    Changeable   Fixed

Compare Frame Costs on 10 24"x36" boards

Count Boards OR

Copyright Notice

Cork and Cork Options 

Covid Items   R-Zero-Sanitizer

Crating Charge

Dilation and Cervical Effacement   

Disinfectants - Ours and Others   Why Daplus

DaPlus Film -   Daplus10 Overlay   Shims for
Installing   Repair    
Factory Installed   Disinfectants  No-Film   Stock  
Resurfacing of DaPlus   Warrantee and Cleaning 
Failures of other manufacturers in hospitals-OTHERS BAD

Departmental layouts by Usage & Dept

Designing your board
See "Laying out your board" below
Designers and design work for Hire

Dye-Sublimation   The Process

Edge Layout Tips

Emergency Preparedness Layouts
Stowable Options for occasional use

options for felt erasers

Errors  see Mistakes

EZ Boards by Vidatak

Fall Protection
Logos for boards
Fall protection ideas and options

Fetal Demise Boards

Fire Rating  Board Rating information

Fall Protection  see Safe Lifting     fall magnets

Fonts  ---  about Capital Letters
Sizes on paper from 14 to 210 pt
24 x 36 full size w/ labeled fonts => A1965

Frame Options
start here
Index-Frames, Trays, Marker Holders
see here All Frames Pictures (Wood Frame pictures)
Alum framed from CT
Alum Frame   OAF (Ohio Aluminum Frame)
Aluminum Black Frames
Dimensions of all Frames
EZ-Hang Aluminum Frame  Old vs New   with tray
Frameless -changeable- our newest and best
Frame options on MarkaSteel  
Frame Locally our Printed Skin
Frameless and Changeable
Ogee Wood Frame Plaques  no film on these
Portable ER Boards - With a  floor stand
Plastic new 3/16" vs old 3/8"
Plastic Colored frame 3/16 dimensions
Snap Frames Changeable
Trays on Aluminum frame
Wood Frame Info **Important**
Frame Kit at bottom of 36x48-kit

Frameless Boards that are Changeable

Glass Whiteboards all types

Good Health Hospital Board 18" x 24"
picture of Good Health Unit
Pricing of 18" x24" 
PDF full size 
see Photos     

Grid Lines and shadows

Graphic Artist Primer & Rules
Layout guide for ones you send to us    
Lines and Bleed

Logo quality and type
Artwork general specs
Templates for layouts if you are sending art
Camera Ready - about it

Hospice Boards- also see Convalescent

Hospitals with our Boards
See Hospitals     pictures in use    Chains

Huddle Boards-

Inserts for COAF under DaPlus10
Approval Form

Installation of Boards and Overlays
Plastic framed boards  
Ohio and COAF Frame
Alum framed from CT
Self Tapping screws into wall - secure & solid
EZ Hang the most hidden and best looking mounting 
3M peels & stick Overlays Size - Installation 
Magnet Sizing

DaPlus to refurbish

Introduction   6-page Brochure

Invisilock™  MagnaMedia Changeable and interchangeable Dry Erase & Graphics Patient boards - these are magnetic and dry erase just like our standards

Kiosks for Digital Displays in Hospitals

Layouts and laying out your board 
9x12 examples,  12x18 examples, Planning examples
Art Work Details and Charges 
ClipArt for your Hospital Boards
Dilation and Cervical Effacement
fall Protection
Font Type Sizes on paper from 14 to 210 pt  and Caps
Graphic Designers that are reasonably priced 
Grid Lines - Light colors
Hourly Rounding
Ideas for Hospital Boards
Jump Start project - how to text file for meetings
Layout guide for ones you send to us
Layouts to do on your PC Templates  w/Publisher
Layouts to see of other hospitals 18 x 24 layouts
Layouts to see in other sizes and styles by Department
Layouts to see from patients view all-about-me
Limited English Proficiency Requirement!!!
Logo format for hospital boards
Multiple Images in a run of boards
Nursing, Convalescent Rehab & Hospice Layouts
Pain Management Scale  options 
Pantone colors to pics
Sample Board all about it  Custom Sample
Spanish  see Spanish in Index to right ==>
Testing Artwork see printing at full size

Unified over whole hospital see Unified layout design

LEED Info and Greenness Specs

Lens Cover and Shims

Magnamedia + Invisilock System
 Retrofit Existing Boards
Add over Steel see Steel Retrofit

Magnets both plan and dry erase
Printed Magnets to customize your board 
Magnetic trays and marker holders Trays
Stock magnets you can print on

Name Tags  Approval Form
Printed Magnet Examples

The printed dry erase surface we use

Markers - Add markers to your order
Great new line at a great price  others   all

Mistakes -- see Mistakes related to Waivers
PSA Repair Patches   Overlays

Mobile Index  - On Casters  3-sided   Freestanding 
Post(IV Pole)    
Changeable and Mobile

Mounting of Boards to Walls
D-ring vs L-bracket on OAF(ohio aluminum

Aluminum 1/4" Ohio Frame
Alum framed from CT
Self Tapping screws into wall - secure & solid
EZ Hang the most hidden and best looking mounting     Movable Mount

Name Tags for your boards

New Boards that Bead up Beading

Nursing, Convalescent Homes and Hospices
Layout Examples     Basic Pricing

Options for Hospital Boards such as
KR-4619 Plastic Snap on Tray on Ohio Alum (OAF)
Trays and marker holders    
Tray and Aluminum & Wood Frame Sizes
Printed Magnets To attach to boards
DaPlus Disinfectant resistant Film
Room Numbers
See index => Laying out your board 
See index =>  Frame Options
Markers  please get locally

Overlays - Index of Overlays
1-page   Peels & Stick   Magnetic  Clear10   Magnetic Receptive with Peel & Stick back

Pain Scales  - Pain Management Choices

Patient Safe Lifting Indicators - PSLI

Patient Satisfaction - Planetree

Peel and Stick Overlays

Pits in surface - factory tolerance

Pictures of  boards done for other
Pictures of installed in-use Boards
some of the Medical Communication Boards

Placards -
Magnetic for Doors
"Do Not Distrub" "Close Door" "Fall Risk"

Planning Boards - Overview Index
Emergency Preparedness  Shaded Grids 
   up to 4'x6' with 4'x8' at a big cost increase 

Plexiglas and Acrylic - why they are no good

Portable Boards -
ER with pedestal Stand
Rolling Operating
Larger Rolling

Portrait or Landscape

Phone Numbers - we can put on each board

POP-OUTS -POP-OUTS  Bumps & Dips

Pricing   See Pricing
Board price is based on size, options, style, quantity and trim.  This is a complicated subject with hundreds of variables so please call for a quote.
Most Common prices below at "Sizes - Priced"
Dealers  &  OEM's call us! 
Compared to White- non printed  COAF's

Compare Frame Costs on 10 24"x36" boards

Projects  Providence

Psychiatry Unit Boards -- Anti-Ligature

Quick Ship Flexible Pre-Printed Hospital Board

Reasons to Use Custom Boards
Safety      One Hour Rounding      Fall Prevention  Turning     References

Rehabilitation Department Boards

Repair of Stained Boards - Repair 
Spot Repair

Retrofitting Existing Boards     Overlays

Room Numbers -we can put on each board
Variable Data Printing thats Dry Erase
Room numbers and/or Phone numbers
How it goes on boards   
Spread Sheet Layout for VD
Mixed  various layouts and numbering costs
How #'s look on WAIVER version
Also called Data Merge

Rounding Charts

Sanitizer - Touchless Hand  1-page Brochure

Safe Lifting Advice, Logos,  Fall Protection, Liko

Sample Boards -
36x24 or 24x18 COAF  for Free
Trial Run  
Print layout full size 1st see PRINTING
about our Pre-made Unit  WHY  
Custom Sample Pricing get a Pre-Production unit
       -----our Approval Forms  are below ------
Approval Form  Approval
For orders lacking film need signed =>No Film
Info needed on PO- PO Info need

Why not to get a sample board

Scheduling Boards up to 4' x 8'
and Overview Index   colors   Lines

Surgical Care & Outcomes Assessment Program

Shipping of   Bigger Boards   Crating
Sorting at your Location

Shredders keep paper under HIPA rules

Shadowing  Ghosting on large boards
Especially on 4x8'

Sizes - index at See Pricing       
Note* all sizes are nominal

 9"x12"  12"x18"  18"x2420"x30" 2'x2' 
 2'x30"  2'x3'  2'x4' 2'x5' 2'x6' 30"x40"   3'x4'
 3'x53'x6'  4'x4'   4'x54'x6' 4'x7'  4'x8'    
Not standard but better priced by 1 cut
   15"x20", 24"x48" call on these
Combo Board  see Combo  or 24"x36"

Various Printed skins steel & alum    
Custom Sizes Pricing     Prices   Repacks

You do Framing or Retrofit Existing

Filmed Skin Information
Blank Skins Not printed called Repacks
Printed skins not framed to be framed
Skins for holding with rounded corners
Size Tolerance

Spanish and other Translating Issues
Our Graphic artist is fluent in spanish
Professional translating service:  IEC 
Alt-Key Codes for accents
English/Spanish online dictionary
Babelfish -- Free multi-language translator Board space and Size

Sliders for Status changing
see Double Sided Magnets or checklist

Snap Frames Changeable
Index of Hospital Snap Frame boards
Pricing page

Specifications for bids - COAF

Surgical Checklists   Scheduling  Fire Risk

Syntisol Inserts

Systems- and chains that use us

Trays  Marker holders      Trays    Markers+magnets

Turning Schedules  Various Ones

Uppercase Letter vs Title Case

YouTube  All Videos show each  Self-drill   
Retrofit    Invisilock Framed    Full Wall   Video on board

Variable Data (Data Merge) see Room Numbers Above

Vidatek   EZ Boards for non-verbal and non-English communication

Video on your hospital Board => Video   
Magnetic/Lanyard and  5x7 Flat Unit



Why use Indoff-CT  ==> Why Indoff-CT
DaPlus our exclusive chemical resistant surface

Compare to ceramic steel

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