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Shim for Changeable Ohio
Aluminum Frame (COAF)
  .040" taper

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1-page COAF

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We now have a great improvement to our CAOF boards
 The Shim

This clear polypropylene shim locks in the Daplus10  lens so it won't move at all during dry erase.  On larger boards this will also keep the lens from falling out.   Use of one on each side near the top should be all you need.

It is easily inserted under the frame and is only 1/2" long so its very unobtrusive.   Shims will stay in place well yet are easily removed.

These are in stock and are free with our COAF changeable frame.



If shims will not work in your application call us about our thicker more rigid options or see extra thick DaPlus
This .040" shim is also suitable to picture framing where it could lock in
Matt frames tightly where gap is small but a shim is needed.


About Our Boards and US!
Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards. 

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