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If you are finding the disposal of documents to comply with HIPPA rules to be cumbersome and inconvenient we may be able to help you. We have an exclusive deal with a German manufacturers of quality paper shredders to private label the full HSM line. They have a large US facility and I can guarantee they have the proper machines to solve your shredding and security at the unit or facility level.

Please forward to Director of Environmental Engineering or a person you think might be interested. — Thanks Allen and Jen

24 basic different machines offered with different security levels

From 5 to 650 sheets per load—put in phone books

Lifetime cutting roller guarantees available

Offer all levels of shredding security from 2 to 6

Units to do staples, paper clips, credit cards, CD ROMs and disks available

Industrial strength shredder/balers also available

Only German made quality

Local salesman to available to consult with—call us


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Shredders for Hospitals

Full Catalog of complete line

about security issues


Home Office Shredders to
High Security Level VI Shredders
and everything in between.

The Shredder range
with a trendy outfit.

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Compact (Home Office)
Personal and
Home Office use.

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Deskside and
Office use.

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Professional (Departmental)
Department and
Office floor use.

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Premium (Large Capacity)
Central installation and
multi-departmental use.

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High Security (Level 5 / Level VI)
The ultimate in
security and protection

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Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   2/01/07