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Thickness of sublimation issue

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Thickness of Dye-Sub Layer

Some manufacturers of Sublimated product lay claim to an extra thick .004" layer that they die sub into that is superior to other thinner coatings.  

Our Answer is below!

In Bare (no-film) Standard Applications

Ours is .001" of which .0007" is the clear coat dry erase.    Our experience and testing has shown that increasing the white backing makes no difference in life or ghosting.   Increasing the dry erase clear coat thickness destroys the vibrancy and quality of the printing.    For un-filmed dry erase (no DaPlus) we feel our surface performance both for color, lifespan and resistance to ghosting matches other dye-sublimation coatings at a superior price point.

Hospital Applications with our DaPlus Film Overlay

For hospital applications we factory apply our DaPlus over our Bare Printed Dye sublimated steel.  The DaPlus is a 3 mill optically clear film that has the best dry erase and chemical resistance of any overlay made anywhere.   It is expensive but with this layer the actual dye-sub layer is not used or touched, its just for the image.   The DaPlus covered board is far superior to any Bare dye-sublimated surface because it has only one purpose in life and that is to be a superior chemical resistant dry erase surface.  
The bare Dye-sub surface besides being dry erase needs to be:::::::
1.   Dye-sublimatable
2.   take and retain colors well
3.  be dry erasable
4.  take 350 degree dye sub temperatures during transfer
5.  withstand chemicals
5.  withstand abrasion of daily use and erasing

For Hospital use this is the only product worth considering backed up
by years and tens of thousands of boards in use.


SEE our NEW Warrantee for Hospital use at Warrantee  <==

Also see Chemicals and DaPlus

About Our Boards and US!
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