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Chemicals and DaPlus

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Known Chemical Resistance and FAQ's

We have Tested our DaPlus film extensively with Virex TB and CaviWipes and know it has no problems.    We also have 30,000 + boards in hospitals in daily use since early 2008 with or DaPlus film and have not had one incidence of failure.    We do not control what the 700+ hospitals are using and know from pre DaPlus days that they use whatever is at the hospital on our boards.

In short - if you are using any common hospital disinfectant you will will be fine.   If some new super strong chemical comes along it may ruin ours and any other boards.

Some fact we know

Resistant to Phosphoric Acid
Resistant to 95% alcohol
Resistant to
Rust Remover
Resistant to
Lime Away

Resistant to
Dispatch - A liquid bleach (5500 PPM) based cleaner
Resistant ti CaviWipes

Resistant to Quaternary Ammonia which is same as a quaternary germicides


Resistant to-Virex Tb - This one was amazing because our biomed department has recently found out that this destroys the plastic handles on our IV pumps, it is a fairly new cleaner that hospitals are starting to use. This one was impressive.




Virex Tb see factory sheet

Active Ingredients: 0.21% quaternary germicides (2100 ppm)
Surfactants: Nonionic and Cationic
Per Johnson Wax who makes Virex TB quaternary germicides are quaternary Ammonia - same thing


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