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RF Double Sided Printed Dry Erase Magnets
Use as Sliders for Status

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also see Slider-checklist boards
Also see A7113 dry erase simulating sliders

Double sided magnets and printed on both sides
These double sided magnets are expensive but can be made.

Dry erase film options
DaPlus - Best + chemical resistant
Tru-Erase - Very Good Dry Erase 
GBC - Wet Erase not dry erase

  Call for current price ----         for Slider checklist boards Call Al
Magnet size Quantity per sheet Price one sheet Price for 50 sheets Price 100 + pcs
Rounded Corners
1-5/8" x 1-5/8"              
2"x2"       $2.90      
3"x3"       $5.10      
4"x4"       $6.90 each      

Save space and money by getting the functionality of an expensive status board by using our double sided pieces on our standard Magnetic receptive boards.  see A4832   A5024 

Also you can put both colors on board and cover over the not relevant status with a a single side magnet (new A4832 r3)



Fall Risk Status for Doors A5061
Just flip over the Magnet to Note Risk for Patient

Layout on left was for a sliding status that we do not have a good way to make
with double sided magnets we can do a space efficient low cost status chart.
see checklist-slider for more ideas

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   4/12/2012