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Using your hospital logo is free option for the layout of your custom designed dry erase boards.  However  we MUST have the logo in a vector format so that it looks perfect.   Ask for a full color vector file in the following formats. Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) or Adobe Illustrator (.ai).

Sometimes a .pdf or .png file is a true vector and may be suitable.

Just send us what you have and we'll tell you if it works or if we need to get something better.

Someone in marketing or someone in charge of printing the literature for the hospital should have this logo. You most likely will not be able to open the file but can forward the email to us or have the marketing person email us direct. 

If you are a smaller hospital and do not have a logo in the EPS format we have a graphic designer who can make a logo for you for usually around $50 depending on the detail or length of time that it takes to make the logo into an EPS

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