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3M/Avery Overlay Installation

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See Sizing page - very important
in 2020 Ascension got 75 boards like A10370 and got the installation time down to 10 minutes per overlay!

The 3M Controltac /Avery works by Pressure activation, it is built with air release channels.  it is best applied dry.   It does not stick to a surface till pressure is applied.  Light thumb pressure will hold it in place and till its positioned and harder pressure will lock it in place. A pressure roller will get out any air bubbles and make it permanent.

Important see FAQs about size

1. when you get overlay it has the backing on it and you can put it in place and see if any trimming is needed before pulling of the backer.  The tape method them works great.  I just tried it and its very easy see the dry application sheet by 3M which  shows two methods one with tape and one with thumb pressure.
3M video for flat      dry application sheet by 3M

Controltac Video You tube - Flat

Initial users who have installed them find it very easy!
A5924 for 26  Glens Falls Hospital
A6046 for 23 Our Lady Of Lourdes Regional Medical Ctr  went up easy - They are Great
A6152  for 47  Kindred Hospital Pittsburgh
A6444 for 23
Lawrence Hospital
A6687 23x17 25 pcs St Louis University Hospital
A6731 23x17 Hospital of central CT 4 different total 226
A6481 35x23  18  Good Shepherd in OR
A6652 20x33  Cuyuma Regional  29

A8543 and more Mobile boards

 Installed Picture are here

Hard rubber rollers at amazon $13.41 at 4"
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High Quality Felt Edge Squeegee 6 Inch
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SA-1 Low Friction Sleeve Use this paper sleeve over the 3Mô Hand Applicator PA1-G or PA1-B.

We will give one with orders of over 25 at amazon

3M PA1 at amazon
We will give one with orders of over 25

About Our Boards and US!
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