Using our file of our sample 18" x 24" Hospital board on your PC with Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Illustrator

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Hospital / Patient/ Nurse boards


Click above image to see Adobe PDF image


Files to work with......EPS, AI and PDF--- AI is preferred for best quality

  • for a full size PDF image 18 x 24 see PDF full size  of Good Health Unit

  • for an EPS file of 30 megs to modify see EPS use with adobe illustrator 

  • AI 54 meg file is available for you to work with, call and I can set you up with a link to retrieve it or you can use 30 meg EPS above. 

  • For other boards call and I can email you the file

Files to work with - Publisher only suitable for 24"x24" and smaller

Artwork for all Formats


in short for
Here is a Publisher file about 654K to modify  just download it or open it
here is same file saved as an older Publisher 2000
Publisher will only work with 24" by 24" or smaller boards.   We can take a bigger layout of 24x26 and convert to Illustrator but this will add some cost to the job.