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Steel Hand held or wall mount direct
Both are die-sub Printable
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Wall Mount-not hand held
Our standard steel skins are sheared and they have a burr that can't be handled without gloves.   The corner is also very sharp.
We can only put a 2" radius in our standard material and it $6 or $12 per cut.  So if you need to put on a wall and radius corners you can but its expensive.


Hand Held Option- Great for smaller pieces you want to hold and be magnetic receptive steel  -
                             Call Allen at x 111 or Jen at x 116 for Costs
P/N Size Quantity Art # Retail Deburred  
A4003 15.5" x 15.5" 450  5/12 A4003- blank   Yes custom
  15.5" x 15.5" 450 A4003-Printed   Yes  
5954 7"x9"       No Call adder stocked 10 pc/box
5967 8"x10"       No Call adder stocked 10 pc/box
5968 9"x12"       No Call adder stocked 10 pc/box
5955 11"x14"       No Call adder stocked 10 pc/box
5956 15"x19"       No Call adder stocked 10 pc/box

Details Hand Held
Material is .023 steel coated with film.
Will shear the .023  panels, radius the corners,
 Corner radius choices are; .0625, .1250, .1875, .2500.
Deburring is extra and depends on quantity done-
See Deburred heading above to see if are


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