Examples of Pop-Outs "Pits" on our Magnetic Dry Erase Boards

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Also See  Bumps & Dips

 This spot shown is about 1.5 mm and is within spec

pop-outs are size of dot on i on shown fonts


Note dots above should print about True Size

if the line above is 3" long


Disinfectant is 18 pt font and the dot over the i is a bit smaller than a 1MM defect.
the 3 dots at the bottom are 1 mm 2mm and 3mm in size
note - sometimes the pop-out only causes a small depression and the surface is still white these that show steel are rare
What the specs allow is noted below 
Our specification allows 3 pop outs per square ft with a maximum of 5 per 24" x 36" board
  man pop-outs per board maximum pop-out size in /inchs max pop outs per sq/ft
boards 24x36" or less 5 3mm / .118" 3
boards larger than 36x48 10 3mm / .118" 3