Bumps Pits and Dips on Filmed Dry Erase Boards

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Daplus Film on our Steel Mark-A-Steel surface will cover the pits and the dips and will not affect the boards performance.


We take the utmost care to minimize any imperfections in our printed steel and in the Daplus film and its application.   There will always be a small amount of dirt, dust, hardened adhesive and surface imperfections in the steel itself.  We have a very aware quality control process that has resulted in zero returns from hospitals in over 60,000 boards.  
If you see small bumps or depressions when the board is new on a table please stand it vertical and look at it as if using it.   Defects in surfaces are 10 times more irritating when viewed flat then when viewed vertically.   The normal small imperfections will not cause any problems and by past experience are most certainly acceptable for hospital use.

Defects such as Large dirt chunks, steel chips or hair trapped under film are unacceptable.  Again these are usually caught at factory and re-filmed.  If one has gotten through we will do a replacement or give you a credit.

We really don't have a spec on bubbles in film since they have not been a problem but are open to discuss them with you.
If you expect 100% glass like with absolutely no imperfections then this is not the product for you.


For reference.
The defects in the steel do have specs as noted below

Our specification allows 3 pop outs per square ft with a maximum of 5 per 24" x 36" board (on steel surface)

  man pop-outs per board maximum pop-out size in /inchs max pop outs per sq/ft
boards 24x36" or less 5 3mm / .118" 3
boards larger than 36x48 10 3mm / .118" 3