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Plexiglas as a Surface

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Plexiglas and acrylic are not good dry erase surfaces.   They will start ghosting in a short time and will not stand up to hospital disinfectants.   We have many manufacturers that buy our DaPlus to put over plastic surfaces to make them dry erase and disinfectant safe.    Acrylic sheets due to their thickness will also not allow the use of magnets.

If you want to cover printed sheets we suggest you look at our DaPlus10.   It is a .010" thick clear polyester with the best dry erase surface short of ceramic steel.   It attaches by static cling or small magnets or tape and will outperform any plastic sheeting made.  It will not ghost and has a 6 year warranty even if you disinfect it every day.   Since it is so thin it also allows the use use of magnets.   Call for a Sample
DaPlsu10 pricing is also very attractive see

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