Camera Ready Changes and Approvals

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We get "Camera Ready Artwork" sent to us very often but 9 out of 10 times needs it.
 modifications due to a multitude of reasons such as.......
we do not have font
layout runs under frame
general alignment issues
all graphics are not true vectors
layout does not leave room for frame
lines are not perfect and do not meet correctly

See Basic Layout Guide at Layout Guide

When artwork is not perfect we have two choices here.

1.  Use your artwork as is with errors.
2.  You can f ix artwork yourself per consultation with our Graphics dept
3.  Ask us to fix it at which time we will send you OUR Illustrator or EPS file
for to you to use as master and you will be responsible for its accuracy and proofing.
4.  Just have us make changes and approve our pdfs

Here is the potential problem. 
Whenever anyone makes changes to artwork there are very often unintended changes made.  The changes may be a misspelling, a line dropped or a hundred other variables.   It becomes critical that your artwork approval process is focused on the final revision and you do not blindly assume the spelling on rev 5 is as correct as revision 1.