Post-Mount Magnetic Dry Erase Boards Index
11 by 17 is one size we have now but larger is easily done
12/15/2020 ready for orders
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Indoff    - Sold Nationwide
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Mount dry erase count boards to your
IV poles

OR layouts

Larger Mobiles


Demo Video at Tristar

PRICE 11x17

FRP Video

Steel and magnet on IV Stand

Can be used many ways:
Can be just plain dry erase
Can be used to post notes with magnets
Can have a magnetic overly with counts or whatever
can take insert plus lens cover plus 4 corner magnets
can take filmed insert held on by 4 magnets
best way is to get a filmed printed magnet as shown below that is
easiest and clean to use to most e$ to change layout


FRP std panel 11.5x23.5

FRP panel held on by magnets

back is steel so its available for many items

Dry erase magnet holds firmly

IV pole 1" diameter before Count boards
A10574 for Centenial with trial run coming 12/1/2020

A10574  11x17 Magnet for Pole mount

Back shows steel and brackets

11x17 steel mounted  (before paint

Side view showing Brackets