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Printed MarkaSteel -MG Skin with Film
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Our MarkaSteel Skins printed by dye-sublimation and then laminated to our DaPlus disinfectant resistant film.

The steel we print on is coated on one side with a white dye-sublimate able dry erase coating.   Steel is sheared to 5 or 6 standard sizes from a 10,000 lb coil.   The Steel is also flattened so we can dye-sublimate it cleanly and have it sit very flat in either your frame or ours.   

Steel -- 24 gauge final thickness of .022 +-.002

  • Available in 24 gauge only .....  other gauges must be ordered in 40,000# lots

  • In use by major manufacturers as a cost effective alternate to ceramic & porcelain steel boards

  • Flatness - it is made coiled but is flattened before printing!

  • back side has a rust preventative coating

  • very good erasability with current version

  • 2 years of field testing with no failures

  • 2T or better bend radius.     Can even take a very small amount of drawing

  • pieces can be sheared to custom size - call for pricing -----

  • Marker Characteristics:  excellent for Dry erase, Wet Erase and  a high Permanent Marker resistance

  • alcohol and Expo cleaner are recommended 

  • this material is dye sublimatable - we can print on it in full color!

  • Technical: Roll coated on Coil Thermal Cured Polyester Based .0005" clear coat with marker characteristics all the way thru.  (there is no thin surface enhancer (such as wax or temporary surface coating to quickly wear away).   Clear coat  is appliance grade for both hardness, scratch resistance and durability.    Clear coat is over a white base coat.

  • Gloss is 85-92 at 60 degrees by instruments but is subjectively less due to 55 gloss basecoat

  • approximately 1 pound per sq ft


DaPlus - Chemical Resistant Overlay

  • 3 mil top quality optically clear polyester that we have treated with the best most chemical resistant clear dry erase surface available.   We then take our 10,000 ft roll and apply a quality optically clear pressure sensitive adhesive and use 1 3 mil polyester release liner to minimize the problems with paper liners.  

  • We apply the DaPlus via pressure rollers in a laminating shop so that no air bubbles are trapped.


End result Is
  • .025"  Thick Magnetically receptive panel

  • Full 4 color CMYK printed at high resolution  

  • Superior chemical resistance.    In Hospital use since early 2008 without one failure

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   2/17/2011