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  • In your search for other boards please be aware that Indoff has sold 100 times the patient boards of all others combined.  We are the only people with long term real world experience with disinfectants and hospitals .  We are also the only ones that have proven solution to damage by disinfectants.   Our DaPlus film does add to the board cost but it is a unique and effective solution.  I has been in service with no failures since 7/2007.
  • Disinfectants cause others boards to become harder and harder to erase till they become so ghosted they are ugly and unusable.
  • We'd be happy to send you a board covered with our disinfectant resistant film so you can do your own tests comparing DaPlus to other surfaces that will almost certainly lose their dry erase ability and exhibit extreme ghosting. 
  • We have found that most hospitals will subject their boards to disinfectants even if they try not to!  This really is a case of better safe than sorry!
  • Thanks for taking the time to read this and realize we are just trying to make sure you get your money's worth.   Allen Hutton

    SEE our NEW Warrantee for Hospital use at Warrantee  <==

Other Reason to Use us! 
 * Our COAF board allows future changeability at a very minimal Cost!
 * Over 50,000 boards in Hospitals Now at 750 Locations and growing!
 * Free Quality Layouts and $75 actual production Samples
 * Our new Changeable Ohio frame allows board to be changeable in future at low cost
 * Options of Plastic, Aluminum or Wood Frames
 * Pricing - we are the biggest because we have the best price on Great boards
 * Options of Plastic Aluminum or Plastic Snap on Trays
 * The Best Service, Price, Quality & Expertise Anywhere
 * We have 3 Graphic Artists and our whole system is optimized to make perfect boards
 * Boards are .024" steel and are very Magnetic Receptive
 * Our dye-sublimated boards are far superior to screened and direct printed boards

For Purchasing Departments that have contracts with Office Max, Staples and Sign Shops
    Contract Suppliers do not do and can not do what we do with hospital boards,  and if they do do it, they have to subcontract it out to someone like us and then you just end up with additional markups and you get so many layers that the custom work has high probabilities of error and excessive lead times.  We often sell to middlemen but it really goes better when we deal direct.  
This is really a situation where dealing with a specialist will save you money and grief!   Our experience doing 3,000 layouts will translate to you success.

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Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards.  12/17/2013