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Comparison to Ceramic Steel

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What's good about Ceramic Steel
It has a 50 year warrantee and is the best wearing and chemical resistance of any dry erase surface.

Disadvantages compared to our standard steel boards with DaPlus
1. Very expensive due to screens needed unless you are doing hundreds of the exact same layout.
2. Variable Data- Room and Phone numbers cannot be put on boards like on ours.
3. Color- Ours have millions of colors at no cost.  Ceramic steel is generally just Black and adding each extra color is very costly
4. Patients love the color and liveliness of our boards they create patient satisfaction.
5. Most hospitals needing a large quantity that make ceramic steel justifiable are not served well by getting all their boards with both the same layout and size.   Woman's services, ER, med-surg, Rehab, long term care dept's all need their own boards.

Advantages of Ceramic Steel that really don't matter compared to ours
1.  Scratch resistance.  Of the 50,000 we have sold less than 100 boards  have been ruined by scratching,  Abrasion is not a problem in hospitals with our surface!
2.  Chemical Resistance of our boards has a 5 year record and warrantee. and still growing.
3.  Keeping the same layout for 50 years is unlikely.  In 10 years the hospital needs will probably be different, Logo changes, HIPA rules and just how patient interaction changes.

Ceramic steel that is dye-sublimated to get CMYK colors is created with a very thin plastic layer put over the dry erase to take the dye sublimation.  This surface is a plastic surface and can be scratched or worn off and will ruined by disinfectants for sure. Then you will be left with a bare unprinted piece of 50 year ceramic steel.   Indoffs boards are white paint on steel with a the same thin plastic layer which we know cannot take chemicals or excessive wear, so after we dye sublimate our boards we add our superior DaPlus film which is much more wear resistant and has the highest chemical resistance of any clear dry erase surface made.  Warrantee   Plus when using our COAF frame and new layer of DaPlus10 can be added to renew a board that has suffered extreme abrasion.   Field proven!   Ceramic steel is much more costly than painted steel but when made dye sublimatable you lose all its benefits and just get the price adder.


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Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards.    4/22/2014