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Changeable Ohio
Aluminum Frame (COAF)

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DaPlus10    Snap-Frames
Insert Pricing

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Our COAF Changeable Ohio Aluminum Frame is the best hospital dry erase board because.

   - Its priced the same as our old Ohio aluminum frame which was the industries value leader already.

   - It offers quick changeability in the future at minimal cost.

   - You only pay for the changeability when you need it - NOT NOW

   - No fancy hinges to break or bolts to loose

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Insert Art Approval

Pricing Unprinted
White unprinted - You can customize in the field just order board with the DaPlus10 sheet


Printed COAF by size and quantity see (2) on each page
  18"x24"  20"x30"  24"'x24"  24'x36"  30"x40"  36"x48"  4'x4' 4'x5'  4'x6'  4'x8'
Complete detail ==>                                                         24'x36"

DaPlus10 the component that makes the COAF work DaPlus10 Pricing

FAQ's are here

Storing insert- you can keep two Syntisol inserts under the DaPlus10.    You also can buy an unprinted #20 board with 2 inserts for less than a standard board and 1 insert.

Frame Details and Drawing

Sample Board 24x18 portrait is A6049 with COAF frame    
Insert samples are A6500(Sytisol) or A6550(drytac)  sizes are 23" x 17-3/8"
DaPlus10 size is 23" x 17-3/8"

Inserts - printed by us on Syntisol .007" thick

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Buying Options to get changeability
 Printing now or later

Flyer - 1-page summary

Mounting of COAF frame to wall
all methods

L-Bracket instruction Page

Shims to lock in DaPlus10

Specifications for bids

11x17 Changeable Dry-Erase Poster Frame a must see item

Changeable Snap Frames for Hospitals  another great way to go up to 36"x48"

About Our Boards and US!
Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards. 

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   1/28/2014