2BMO  #20   COAF-Bare-Magnetic-Office

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  Indoff    - offices nationwide
all items drop shipped from MFG
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see COAF frame 


Changeable Ohio Aluminum frame Not Printed but with ability to add layout in future

These are all on steel and take magnets

The steel has Office quality dry erase life and will not take disinfectants, but this probable does not matter since most people will put in a printed insert and cover with a DaPlus10 disenfectant resitant hospital quality overlay


All items below take a Syntisol Insert with a  DaPlus10 cover which makes the surface Ok for disinfectants.  

All these are option to go in our COAF frame and serve various needs
Not Printed Board
No film
with boards
Printed insert
priced by quantity
& size
see size pages
Adder for DaPlus3
on unprinted
 9x12  or 12x9 $22 $3.14   $4    
12x18 or 18x12 $21 $4.84   $7    
18x24 or 24x18 $34 $8.65   $9    
20x30 or 30x20 $40 $15.00   $15    
24x36 or 36x24 $48 $17.77   $18    
24x24   $10.71   $15    
30x40 or 40x30 $85 $30.85   $26    
36x48 or 48x36 $95 $35.49   $36    
48x48 $137 $42.55   $47    
48x60 $169 $60.61   $54    
48x72 $210 $71.82   $70    
48x96 $259 $97.00   $94    
Dry Erase Grade
Hospital DaPlus:  Daily disinfecting best with 20 year warranty OK
Office grade:  Disinfectants will cause ghosting.   OK in certain areas.
Poor:  So-so dry erase to be white will ghost over time even without disinfectant use
8/26/2014   Pricing is all Retail ---   Call for resale and volume discount !