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FAQ's on our Changeable Ohio Aluminum Frame

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Custom sizes:  Yes these can be made in custom sizes but due to nature of manufacturing process you may find that a there is more variability ion size so that if we cut you DaPlus10 it may not fit correctly.

Magnetic Receptivity:  Will be slightly weaker but still hundreds of times better than 1/4" acrylic or glass

Snap on Tray:  may affect inserting of inserts by blocking slot.  need for Al  to test

Old image - can you see it thought insert .
   No If you use a good insert printed by us.
   Yes if you print on standard paper or use a low quality insert

Is all the original surface covered:   No there is a section at the top about 5/32",  .156" , 4 mm, .4cm which allows the insert and DaPlus10 to be inserted without any costly mechanical latches.  See cleaning note below.

Cleaning with Insert and DaPlus10 in place.
   Normal dry erasing is mostly done with just a simple dry cloth or your fingers.  Liquids are only needed for very old writing or extreme dirt.
   For Disinfecting--If careful and you wet cleaning cloth you will be able to clean all without dripping fluid into 5/32" open area.   If you spray heavily into open top area you may ruin paper inserts but this will not damage our inserts.  You also can quickly remove DaPlus10 and printed  insert and clean behind them or wipe off drips if necessary.

Cleaning without insert and DaPlus10 in place:
   You can spray it fully but a wet wipe is still recommended.

Time to make change of insert and DaPlus10:
   See video but its under 1 minute.

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