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FAQ's on our Changeable Ohio Aluminum Frame Accessory

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Magnetic Receptivity:  Will be slightly weaker but still hundreds of times better than 1/4" acrylic or glass

Snap on Tray:  may require insert and lens cover to be 5/16" shorter in height

Old image - can you see it thought insert .
   No If you use a good insert printed by us.
   Yes if you print on standard paper or use a low quality insert

Is all the original surface fully covered:   The inserts are made to plus or minus 1/16" see Specs.  If board is a 2B(blank) or a Printed OAF with white edges all around it the old image will be fully covered.   If the original image shows at the edges it can be covered with white pinstripe tape.

Cleaning with Insert and DaPlus10 in place.
   Normal dry erasing is mostly done with just a simple dry cloth or your fingers.  Liquids are only needed for very old writing or extreme dirt.
   For Disinfecting--If careful and you wet cleaning with a cloth you will be able to clean it fine.   If you spray heavily and some cleaner gets on insert it should not hurt it and the Daplus10 lens cover is fine with the disenfectants..

Time to make change of insert and DaPlus10:
   See ?????? but its under 1 minute.

Magnets are what makes this work so it does require a steel surface (which all our OAF's have).

How many Magnets are needed.  The standard one we use is the is the D250D 4 per boards but on larger units you can add more or get stronger magnets.

Which options to buy now = see Options


About Our Boards and US!
Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards. 

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