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Magnets and Peel and Stick

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***We recommend you get a piece of  heavy stiff poster paper or thin cardboard and cut to size you are ordering and try it on boards to maximize chance of a good fit.
Avery or 3M Installation      Magnets just put on

1) Size of Overlays Varies at bit:
    All overlays are cut to final size in a very professional laminating shop but due to order size and printing method these are not mass produced (where perfect sizing is possible).  So expect slight variations from specified size pieces may be 1/8" over or under size.   ** Magnets have to have special cropping of 3/16" per ft in print direction! This extra cropping will allow final size to be +/- 1/8" but could leave an extended area to adjust for printing feed.
   If oversize and they don't fit, they are easily field cut with a utility knife.
   If undersize there is nothing that can be done after we send them to you, However if told to we can make your overlays oversize on two sides so you can trim them to fit if you need an exact fit or if your openings are all different sizes.
   If you are opposed to cutting at all make sure you give us maximum size you can use and we will make them 1/8" smaller.  

2) Size of Boards Varies:
   What do I do if my boards are not perfectly rectangular or vary in size? 
       A.  You can order overlays to the smallest size and live with any uncovered areas being visible.
       B.  We can make your overlays oversize on two sides so you can trim them to fit.

3) I want perfect coverage of old board surface:
        A.  Easiest way but most expensive is to order new COAF boards.
        B.  We can make your overlays oversize on two or 4 sides sides so you can trim them to fit.
        C.  If overlay is permanent 3M peels & stick you could touch up old surface with paint before or after applying 3M and not bother with cutting to size.

Here are sizes we can cut to-- Remember when cut it is + or minus .125" or 1/8"

1/16" = .063" 5/16" = .313" 9/16" = .563" 13/16" = .813"
2/16" = 1/8" = .125" 6/16" = 3/8" = .375" 10/16" =5/8" = .625" 14/16" =7/8" = .875"
3/16" = .188" 7/16" = .438" 11/16" = .688" 15/16" = .938"
4/16" = 2/8" = 1/4"= .250" 8/16" = 4/8" = 1/2" = .500" 12/16" = 6/8" = 3/4"= .750" 16/16" = 1.0" =1.000"


Call Al at ext. 111 to discuss if this does not clearly answer your questions!

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