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Ogee Style Plaques

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Home Bullnose Plagues

Ogee Wood
If magnetic is not needed and wood look is needed these are great
They have notching routed in back for mounting

Most people use our MarkaSteel But if you want the plaque style  we can do it
also see Plaque 6"x6" by 1/4"

Ogee edge   ignore tray at bottom its just holding plaque up


Efges can be woodgrain or Black 
Back of board can be solid finished black
overal thickness is 5/8"
with keyhole hanging holes
These are not Magnetic Receptive
   *** note these boards are not Disinfectant Resistant and it voids warranty

Ogee Edge takes off 5/8" each side or 1-1/4" off width and height

Art # Size
Print Area # of
  in name size      
A1810 20x26 18.75 x 24.75 2          
A1812 30x36 28.75 x 34.75 2          
A2258 23.5x31.5 22.25 x 30.25 2   24 x 32      
A2242 23.5x35.5 22.25 x 34.25 4   24 x 36      
A1815 35.5x47.5 34.25 x 46.25 4   36 x 48      
Stock below                
5581 10.375 x14.375              

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