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Sorting and Receiving Boards

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 We take great care to ship your boards so they arrive damage free!

We pack our boards in crates FACE TO FACE with a full layer of soft and thick plastic foam between each face and again between each pairs back .  Then we shrink wrap each stack so they don't shift.  This also keeps any damage from the D-rings on the back of Ohio aluminum frames from causing problems.

When you unpack them especially large orders and sort them for floors or units you must follow the following rules or you can easily cause damage that we are not responsible for

HOW to SORT and Stack

1. Remove one unit at a time from stack
2. When restacking make sure you stack them face to face with Foam between each layer.
3. Make sure they are stacked squarely so that the frame of one is not offset so it presses on the boards face.
4. If transporting stack make sure they will not slide on each other and have frame dig into face.  This will not happen if stack stays square.


IF you see a damaged crate call us immediately or refuse shipment or at least sign for shipment as damaged on bill of lading.

If you see damage after you open crate call us immediately 860-632-2026

8/22/2012     Example of Crating we do => Crating