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Portrait vs Landscape

How hospital boards are priced....

Pricing per board is based on size, Film adder, type of frame 1st. then their is a quantity price which is based on the total number of boards ordered at one time.   If boards of different sizes, frames, and layouts are all ordered together you use the quantity column based on the total order.  
For example;  if you were to order one 24x36 Ohio frame board and 100 18x24 plastic framed boards you would use $82 for the 24x36 and $49 for the 18x24.    We will get you a firm quote in one hour, please request quote so you have all the information you need

see Custom for costs on special sized framed steel  

Nominal Size portrait or landscape Framed Steel Snap Frame Magnet
8.5x11 Extra Cost Standard Standard
9"x12" Standard Extra Cost Standard
11x17 Extra Cost Standard Standard
12"x18"   Standard Extra Cost Standard
14"x22" Extra Cost Standard Standard
16"x20" Extra Cost Standard Standard
18"x24"  Standard Standard Standard
20"x30" Extra Cost Extra Cost Standard
22x28 Extra Cost Standard Standard
24" 24" = 2x2'  Standard Extra Cost Standard
24"x 30" Standard Standard Standard
24"x36" =2'x3' Standard Standard Standard
24"x48" Standard Extra Cost Standard
30"x40"  Extra Cost Standard Standard
36"x36" Extra Cost Extra Cost Standard
36"x48" = 3'x4' Standard Standard Standard
48"x48" = 4'x4 Standard Not made Standard
48"x60" = 4'x5 Standard Not made Standard
48"x72" = 4''x6 Standard Not made Standard
48"x96" = 4'x8' Standard Not made Standard
We can make any size but they are more costly than Standard Sizes

Notes ++++ extra cost are more for size change both dimensions --- if you can just change one dimension its much cheaper

 Our Retrofit and Interchangeable System

Easiest fastest way to Compare at Auto Price   Compare

Spreadsheet to quickly compare

Wall-paper with fixed layouts   
Custom Sizes Pricing  
Printed skins steel & alum

Overlays items 30 & 40
 see bottom of steel board pages to right=>

Printed inserts for COAF Boards
see "COAF Full" pages to right =?

Changeable -see steel pages to right =>

    Repacks   and  Framed Repacks

DaPlus10 Price

DaPlus price to laminate with




#20 2BMO not printed


Standard Sizes Steel Boards
& COAF boards


Combo Boards

Page for Custom Size Adders
Size adder

Custom Sizes 

Sample Boards


About Our Boards and US!
Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards. 

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   2/06/2014