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Cleaning and Warrantee 4/26/2011
As of Today not one failure in over 30,000 boards with DaPlus3P!
In full hospital use since Sept of 2007

We have been asked about repair of our hospital boards if the DaPlus film on the surface is ruined either by abrasives of some new disinfectant that just destroys our dry erase capabilities.    

We know that the DaPlus3P film is on permanently and the time to remove it would be prohibitive.
As a test I severely scratched the DaPlus with 400 Grit sand paper and then used dry erase on it which had to be removed with Lift-Away.   The surface was then free of ghosting but visibly showed scratching and was unusable.   I then field applied our replacement DaPlus like window tinting and found that the adhesive filled in the scratches and make the surface look like new and more importantly it will act as new.

If you as a hospital ruin your boards by abrasion you will be able to re-Film them with film you purchase from us.    If you destroy the erase-ability by chemicals (no abrasion) within 5 years of purchase we will give you free film so you can field resurface your boards.

Below are pictures I took of the excessively abraded DaPlus3P coated board above

with below it a picture of same area after it was resurfaced with an overly of new DaPlus3P