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We are the Leader in Affordable Custom Printed Hospital Room Boards look at notes below on how to get YOUR boards going.

1.   Get a actual sample of our 18" x 24" Good Health Board so you can confirm how it fits in your rooms,  if you need more open space to write in, if you need a bigger font size, or if you need a bigger sized board like 24" x 36".

2.  See if you have someone in house that can do the layout (it that must be in Adobe Illustrator or Microsoft Publisher).    This person is usually in advertising or the print shop.

3.  If you are doing the art yourself then you have these choices:

 a.  If you only want a logo added to one of our many existing boards you just need to get us the proper logo in the EPS format.

b.  Pay us $75  an hour to do it all for you  We will take your ideas and make you a professional board.  It will be a onetime charge that covers all the boards.

c.  Get Microsoft Publisher loaded onto your PC by the IT department.  It is very easy to use and we can send you a file to start with that looks like any of the boards we show online.   BEST METHOD

d.  If you can't get Microsoft Publisher on your PC we have our board design program on a website that you allows you to access Microsoft Publisher through an internet browser window.

4. Once we have a completed layout we can get it printed on a sample board that will be exactly like your subsequent production run.  This board will be sent to you for final approval and only cost s around $60.    see Custom Sample