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Smart Patient Boards

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TV Monitor with a DaPlus dry erase Surface
and changeable backgrounds

How it Works Now?
Nurse station has a PC with Visio on it that allows her to generate all the TV screen images for her floor or unit.
No IT department needed at all.   Hospital or nurse will buy either standard or customized templates from Indoff and do TV images on her laptop.

Patient Information for a room is mostly done when new patent come in. Visio generated layout can stay the same for patients complete stay or be changed as condition changes.  Ss an example when woman goes from antipartem to labor and delivery and them to postpartem her correct needs can be displayed on the board to make her stay very satisfactory.

Rounding charts, intake/output charts, turning schedules can be on screen but will be filled in by dry erase marker.

Image will be put on TV by a USB thumb drive. Probably just one time per patient but can be more often if you think it will help the patient experience.

Basic Pricing Structure (in Flux) as of 9/17/2012
DaPlus film for you to install on your TV $50
TV from us Hospital Grade with film installed $??
32" TV (not hospital grade) with DaPlus installed $400
Basic Visio module (for your Visio) with one generic template and 1 year of tech support $500
Totally custom template from scratch we will bill by hour and can be 2 to 25 hours at $55 hour
Extra Generic templates with just Logo inserted $50 each

Features we are looking at for future....
Automatically have Weather and Date and Day updated automatically
Wireless operation No Thumb drive
Change Nurse automatically at shift change


9/17/2012 Update