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Easy Change Hospital Boards
Pros and Cons and Options

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1.   From selling over 50,000 boards to hospitals we rarely see changes to boards even when ordered 3 years later for a new wing.  When a small change is needed we have both printed magnets and permanent overlays at PSA Repair Patches

2. We have a MagnaMedia system that allows almost instant no hassle interchangeability see  Brochure that has many advantages over Glass boards and Plexiglass.   Issues with Glass and weight, along with dry erase of Plexiglass and disinfectants.   Also inserts for changeable glass and plastic boards will not be inexpensive.    Also full size magnets at Full-Size

3. If changeability, ease of use, making for an incredible patient experience, and having the best are your needs then call Allen at x 111 about an electronic system that will change each rooms data based on our dry erasable TV's with custom Visio Package.   These are new and as expected are in a different ballpark both in price and functionality compared to permanently printed boards, but they will be the wave of the future and are the best way to communicate now!  But Our system is hundreds of times less expensive to implement call Allen at x 111 to discuss  More Info Here

Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards.    9/8/2012