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"I want to get a full size framed board of my layout"!   We do not recommend this! Here is where our 50,000 sold hospital boards experience comes into play.....
    Before you get a final layout on a production sample you should have tried the following:

 1. Trial print the full size multi-page layout and write on it with full size dry erase markers.
 2. Trial print at least 2 times and make changes to your layout. Send us the changes and  we will make you a new print-out with your changes for free. We will continue to do this process until you feel you have a working lay out. 
 3. These full size printouts with subsequent changes are the best way to get a workable board that will do ITS job. You can either print out our multi-page PDF or we can send you a full size PDF to bring to Kinko's that can print for you one big page (get 5 made and really test them).   Some hospitals have used an LCD monitor and projected the image to a whiteboard.  They then spend hours testing the layout and asking us to make changes.  
 4. Once you have gone thru the above  "LAYOUT SHAKEDOWN" and have seen our framing etc, 99% of  hospitals just order the production run of boards rather than delay it by waiting weeks for a production sample that only has a value if you have the time to put it in a room and use it for a couple weeks.

      We are happy to make you the production sample, but  99% of our customers, use the FULL SIZE PRINTED layouts get our a more useable board in less time!

Please Call us to discuss if this is not answering your concerns fully

 ***New Option that is faster and lets you really test your layout!
Get shipped today one of our unprinted (COAF) Changeable Ohio Aluminum frame boards with your layout printed by us or use your multi page printout under our DaPlus10.

This is really fast and allows you to change and test the board quickly!

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