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Combination White/Tack Boards

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Changeable Combo-Snap Frame Boards

Custom Combination Board for Travelers
Left Printed side is Non-magnetic Dry-Erase
Frame is aluminum at 18" x 24" overall
Cork on right is natural but could be Colored Cork
This is a picture of mounted unit (by hooks)
Also see Using Magnets

Reference SO 6059428   List price $95.50    60 pieces 10/07

 Picture below shows board with 1/3 for magnets

A3800  24x36

A3015  24x36

A6343  24x36

A9721  24x36 Double bed room
with bulletin boards area


see ===> A1763   A1099   A2114   A3597   A4047     


Carolina's left bottom as a logo to be covered with magnetically attached items


al put image here

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Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards. 

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   2/01/07