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Master Index of all visual communication products 
Amazing print and color quality from digital printing via die-sublimation

Our newest magnetic dry erase material that challenges the long term dominance of ceramic steel.   Our customers are amazed at the performance obtainable in a magnetic dry erase board at 1/2 the cost. 

Even more astounding is the the price when we print it and install a plastic frame and corrugated or foam back.   Our printed & framed MarkaSteel-MG boards as shown on the left are a value that can't be touched.

Indoff   - selling Nationwide
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We like to work in standard sizes for both printed boards and un-printed stock.  Staying with standard sizes will get you the best pricing and lead times.  However, we will, if the quantity is right get you anything you need ..... so just ask us.     Hospital boards        Large Mag-3
Index of MarkaSteel-MG below

We now have Printed CGWA Aluminum in dry Erase- no frame needed

Art Work Charges   

Black for fluorescent markers

Custom Sizes
Cutting of standard blanks
Special Sizes and Trimming Dimensions
Cutting of MarkaSteel from SC warehouse

Customers besides Hospitals see Customers

Cleaning and Warranty 
if surface is damaged
film to cover damaged boards

DaPlus film to extend life

Fire Rating of Framed Boards 

Hospital Boards Full Index

Installation Methods
Double Sided Tape
plastic framed boards
Aluminum Framed

MSDS Sheets on our Boards     

Peel and stick  Resurfacing Skins

Pits ins surface => same as Pot-Outs & More about

pop-outs MarkaSteel surface specs before printing

See Skin Repacks       47" x 47"

Printed    8.5x11-Index
9" x 12"  12" x 18"   18" x24"      24" x 24"   24" x 36"    
Cork Comb-24x36   36" x 36"  
 36" x 48"   48x48"  
  48"x72"  &  Main => 48" x 72"      48" x 96"
 mixed sizes  
very large amounts and coils
Mag-3 included sizes are  18" x 18",  18" x 24",  24" x 24", 30" x 30", 24" x 36", 24" x 28", 36" x 36", 36" x 48", 48" x 48", 36" x 60"

Radiused Corners-2" radius cuts on skins
24"x36" and less $8/skin
36"x36" and bigger $16/ per skin

Samples - raw printed and framed

Shadowing on large boards       

Shearing - get a blank cut to a custom size
Price below is per cut based on blank
for either printed or blank in low volume
12x18  $3,    18x24 $4,   24x36 $4,
36x48 $6,   48x60 $6,   48x72  $6,
48x96 $10

Sizes - Index sizes all materials

Printed and Framed Details 
general specifications 
 Testing results on MarkaSteel-MG
MarkaSteel-MG framed board Specs

Two sided
cannot be made two sided- you can put DryApWall on uncoated side

Trays - magnetic and built in 

Variable Data Printing that's Dry Erase