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The new magnetic dry erase material that will win you over for exceptional value in a plain white surface.

It's price will stun you when you look at printed and framed pricing


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 Information about printed & framed boards

Standard pricing if for individually shrink wrapped and shipped in corrugated master packs - eight to a pack - for protection.

Adder for individual boxing?

It is more for individual boxing. There is an added cost for packaging and the labor to individually pack. Added cost per piece would be approximately $5.00 per board.

At what quantity does price decrease and to what price

Price breaks are at 1,000, 2500 and 10,000 pieces  see price page => Pricing 18x24

What is your minimum quantity printed ????

We have printed as low of a quantity as one. However, in general we would like to keep minimums to around 100 pieces. I will work with you if quantities are lower.

Black Frame - are there other frame colors available besides standard Black

There are other frame colors available. However, we make our own black plastic frame and it is much less expensive than the colored frames that we would have to buy if there were low quantity applications. Added cost for this type of frame per 12 x 18 and 18 x 24 would be approximately $14.00 additional per board

Our minimum plastic buy to make other color frames like the black plastic would make 17,000 linear feet. If you have an application where we would need 17K or more linear feet of frame channel to produce your order, we could look at making other colors here, which would be approximately the same cost as the black. However, bright colors for plastic are generally a little more expensive, but we are looking at a total of an added cost of $1.00 or less.

How long to make a run of 300 after you get artwork and approval to make them

Standard lead time quoted is three to four weeks after PO and artwork approval. However, it generally does not take that long. Let's discuss any requirements that are needed faster than the standard.

Can you do a printed approval sample- cost and lead time

We generally charge the <1000 price for samples.   Lead time is generally within three to five business days to produce and ship assuming suitable artwork.