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Corners on MarkaSteel

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On MarkaSteel MG from Ohio
The basic materials we print are stocked in square cut sizes of
12" x 18"   18" x24"  24" x 36"  36" x 48"     48"x72"    48" x 96" The large quantity shearing is to get these sizes is very professional and ok for general handling.   To get smaller sizes in smaller runs or when we need to get it out faster we cut the stock sizes with a shear generally yielding hand safe parts except for the square corner.   To Create a usable and very economically priced Tablet or wall Unit without a frame we can put the square cut blanks thru a 2" radius corner cutter.    The plan is keep the tooling sharp so that these units can be hand held without gloves and will cut skin during normal use.    This is a concern so call use about the tolerance we have on cutting.   We do not offer secondary operations to radius edges at this time.    These are certainly more than safe for wall mounting and occasional handling.   We just have questions on large lots not QC inspected for edge sharpness given to kids.    The price is fantastic so maybe you can QC them for Kid use.   Samples available but may not show workst conditions.   Again we are working on a spec to make this truely affordable table fully useable

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