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Plastic Framed:
==> Do not use plastic hooks that come on some boards they are not sturdy enough for hospital use we recommend permanent mounting by.......
Applies to 18"x24" and larger - smaller units can use hooks if
1. A
Couple of large strips of industrial strength double sided tape
Firmly glued to wall with a good adhesive
with good coverage
Use multiple strips of Velcro
4. Four quality Wood screws (one in each corner) the steel can firmly support the screw.   Very Popular method insures NO movement!  
4a.  Self-Drilling Screw method with Video see Self-Drilling
5. Get 1/8" Masonite cut to a smaller size than board and screw into wall.  Then mount our board to the Masonite by Velcro, Glue or double sided tape.  Then If you ever need to take down the wall itself only have a couple screw holes in the wall.
6.  Use Mirror Clips ** REAL Good Method see 6. below.  Get 1/4" Mirror clips such as Prime-line U-9003 available at home depot or just Google
Prime-line U-9003
These come with plastic wall anchors and require a 5/32 drill hole.


 Click here to see board w 4 screws

Plastic hook option on boards:
If supplied (as special order)they are only for sample demo use.   Plastic frame is not strong enough to support board.   Could be used for 9"x12" along with some Velcro or used if board is rarely erased
 Plastic frame is .650" to .665" deep a little over 5/8" deep and covers about .3175" of steel surface on all 4 sides
6 . Mirror Clips


Aluminum Frame Solution: 
Boards can be ordered from scratch with an aluminum frame with eyehooks as shown below.
We use the same printed steel put a hardboard back on it with an aluminum frame.
This option must be done at time of initial order and add both cost and lead time to boards.
If you get the standard cost effective plastic frame you will need to come up with a mounting solution.


Wood Frames - We can also for a large order supply wood frames in just about any style you could want.

Option- Buy Skin only all printed and mount it yourselves.  Skin only is very economical.