Mounting with self drilling screws

For Plastic Framed Boards!

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see Ohio for the aluminum framed ones






Mounting of plastic framed MarkaSteel-MG hospital patient room boards with self drilling
screws.    his is the way that most hospitals prefer.


This is very fast and allows you to take our standard boards (with or without film installed) and create the hole thru the steel and into the wall.   There is minimal burr generated most gets
dragged along with the threads into the hole.  


Keeping screw straight as you drill:

Use Dewalt DW2022DE Magnetic drive guide set (home depot item) along with a torque
 limiting screwdriver so you don't bend the surface.

Self Drilling Screws are #8 by 1.5" long Phillips Pan heads with head diameter of 5/16" to fit in Dewalt guide set.   see WW Grainger at 2DU98  about $.10 each screw  1" length may work
 better if you need to use Buildex drywall anchors shown below.     Also McMaster 92364A199 which is 1" long and stainless.  they have 5 lengths


For Sheetrock Walls
If the screw goes into sheetrock with no wood behind it you can fill in hole with a
Buildex Drywall anchor
2G592 that works with #8 screws  about $.19 each


+++++ if self drilling screw is in installed so it just starts a hole in the sheetrock then you can remove the board install the drywall anchor and then finish drilling in the self drilling into the sheetrock anchor!   



The Picture below shows the clean install by a self taping screw

 VideoDrive Guide Set

The two pictures below show punched holes punched thru a completed board.

This leaves a small impression that we think most would find objectionable.
We have concluded that the self drilling anchor above is the least costly, involves the least labor and looks the best.