MarkaSteel-MG Testing Results

Specification and Evaluation Sheet      Date 4/21/05     back to MarkaSteel-MG

Test Requirement Results Status (P/F)
NOTE: Short Term Tests to be performed at coating run by supplier at the time the product is coated (no aging required). Long Term Tests to be performed after 72 hrs. (test as received and after transfer)
Hardness-per DTP-002 Top finish 2H minimum Bottom finish F-3H
Solvent Rub Test-per DTP-012 (M.E.K.) Top finish-100 double rubs minimum Bottom finish -20 double rubs minimum No break through to next surface
Impact-per DTP-003D Top finish-3x gauge per inch pounds Bottom finish-3x metal per inch pounds No loss with tape
Flexibility-per DTP-009B Top finish-2T Bottom finish-2T No cracking under 10x magnification
Dry Erase Test-Procedure: Using Purple EXPO Dry Erase Chisel Tip Marker shade in 2 x 3 inch area. Immediately wipe clean with cheesecloth and write 3 to 4 lines-wait 30 seconds and test. 1. Using slight finger pressure, swipe lines-minimum 75% removal. 2. Using slight to moderate pressure with cheesecloth-100% removal with no ghosting/haze present.
Long Term Test Procedure: Test one panel as received and one panel after transfer. Clean panels with Expo White Board Cleaner. Apply Expo Dry Erase and Marks-A-Lot Permanent Markers (chisel tip) in various colors (4-1 x ½ in. areas). After 1 day, 1 week, 1 month and 3 months remove Dry Erase marker with finger or cheesecloth using moderate pressure. Remove permanent marker with cheesecloth moistened with Expo White Board Cleaner using moderate pressure. Rate ease of erasibility 1-10 (10 best). 100% removal with no ghosting/haze present. Slight scratches due to permanent markers acceptable.
Humidity-per DTP-013 504 hours, 100% @100º F. 95% of unscribed area blister free Softening of 1 pencil max., full recovery in 24 hours No change in color or gloss


Test Requirement Results Status (P/F)
Salt Spray-per DTP-017 168 hours, 5% NACL @ 95º F 24 hours recovery No blistering No through film corrosion Scribe creep 1/16” max. Tape adhesion scribe area-no loss
Abrasion Res.-per DTP-004 (CS-0 wheel, 500 gr load, 1000 cycles) After 2 minutes, apply purple Expo dry erase marker. Let dry 30 seconds. Wipe off with finger/cloth or Expo white board cleaner if necessary. (test minimum of 3 samples) 100% removal
Stain Res.-per DTP-005 24 hours @ 77º +/-5ºF Lipstick Red Dye Shoe Polish Orange Juice Egg Milk Tea Catsup Mustard Lemon Juice Coffee Vinegar Lard/Oleic 50% Ammonia Clorox Windex No Stain