Variable Data on your Custom Dry Erase Board
Including numbering both Room, Dept, and nurse extension and Room Phone on each board.    Like 4 Color Screen Printing but hundreds of times more versatile plus much finer detail.     For => Font information
Layout showing 6 pieces of data actually put on 6 boards



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other options

Options for Hospital Boards such as
Room numbers and/or Phone numbers
Limited English Proficiency Requirement!!!
Pain Management Scale
Replaceable ClipArt for your Hospital Boards


How about having us print the room number and Phone number on each board.   With our digital printing printing we have added some new high tech software that lets us permanently imprint a specific unique number or text message on each board...   This is part of the board and will never come off or be changed.

New Pricing !!!!
 see also
Multiple changes on a board  with examples

We are currently charging $5 per board with minimum of $100 of max charge of  $600 per layout.       1/17/07 Updated

Each Different Artwork Layout incurs the $100 to $600 charge !!!!

# boards Charges Total  charge per board its
10 $5 x 10 $100  min $10.00
20 $5 x 20 $100 $5.00
50 $5 x 50 $250 $5.00
100 $5 x 100 $500 $5.00
200 Ceiling $ $600   Max $3.00
300 Ceiling $ $600   Max $3.00
500 Ceiling $ $600   Max $1.20
1000 Ceiling $ $600   Max $.0.60
2000 Ceiling $ $600   Max $.0.30
Yes we can print unique numbers or names or words on each dry erase board we make within a group of boards.  On Board Below we had date given to us for 4 areas of the board.  The 4 bits of variable data changed on every one of 250 boards......                  See Spread Sheet Layout for VD
See Below for complete example (A4636)