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We have the standard ones that come with Adobe Illustrator and Standard Windows Fonts.  If you have a special font needed it will have to be bought and added to the job cost.

The Variable Data can be printed in any font that we have.!

Font sizes specified for variable data! Beware specifying a 72 point font beware it does not make the capital letter 1 inch tall, its comes out to about 3/4.   ! inch is the area the fond uses up in total (like from the top of a catital A to the low point of a lowercase j==so Aj measures 1 inch.   If you want a specific height specify in inches rather than points.  

Have already....


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Arial in regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic
Arial Black in regular and Italic
Arial Narrow in regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic
Arial Rounded MT Bold in regular

Berkeley Oldstyle Book and Berkeley Oldstyle Book Italic
Berkeley Oldstyle Italic Berkeley Oldstyle Medium
Berkeley Oldstyle Bold & Berkeley Oldstyle Bold Italic
Berkeley Oldstyle Black & Berkeley Oldstyle Black Italic

Book Antiqua in Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic

Helvetica Regular and Helvetica Oblique
Helvetica Bold and Helvetica Bold Oblique
Helvetica LT Std Bold Condensed
Helvetica Narrow in Regular and Helvetica Narrow Oblique
Helvetica Narrow Bold and Helvetica Narrow Bold Oblique
Helvetica 77 Bold Condensed

Myriad Roman in Roman, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic

Times New Roman in Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic