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Pantone Colors

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The Dye-Sublimation Printing process is used on our graphic dry erase boards.  Printing is digital at 720 DPI or more and the process requires that a program like Adobe Illustrator send a image to an inkjet printer program which creates a ripped file of CMYK colors.  The CMYK inkjets use special dye sublimation ink (you can't even buy a specific pantone CMYK ink) that  approximates the Pantone color.  This ink put on the paper has a slight variability and when the image is transferred to the dye-sublimateable material -- there is a variation in color due to the heat and time and pressure of the dye sub process.  There is also a brightness variation and color variation in the dye-sublimateable surfaces before printing.  All in all, we can approximate a Pantone or CMYK mix but can never duplicate a lithographic run on plain paper with a specific Pantone ink.  99.99% of jobs we do fully meet customer needs but there is VARIABILITY in our process.  We can run as many trials as you like (takes time and adds small costs) till we get close to your ideal, but final colors will vary. If you want perfection we can not promise it and will not do the job.

OPACACITY - our process is CMYK  when you reduce opacity the printed product does not necessarily match your screen which is RGB.  To get a lighter color it is better to pick a color that is lighter at 100% rather than taking a chance on opacity changes changing color.

Graphic designers for print usually use the Pantone system of color names and definitions, which are different from those used by interior designers.  For proper matching, it is advisable to use a color conversion tool such as EasyRGB.  This tool will locate your paint color by name or item number and provide a highly accurate conversion formula for RGB displays, which can then be recalculated for CMYK percentages.

Once you have the CMYK or RGB formula for your color(s), you can send this to our graphic design department for use in your layout.

EasyRGB is available here. is not affiliated with Pantone or EasyRGB.  Results may vary when using any color conversion service, and may vary drastically between monitors.  For best results, ensure your monitor is properly calibrated and use a Pantone Solid Coated swatch library when selecting colors.     updated 03/31/11

Pantone Colors  We use Solid coated

Usefulness Link
+++++ Pantone-10
very best Pantone-9
Best Pantone-5
next best Pantone-6
middle high Pantone-4
middle medium Pantone-8
middle low Pantone-7
medium low Pantone-1
Lowest Pantone-2
no good anymore no good anymore
PMS Pantone   Pantone

CMYK Colors
choices  B-CMYK    B-CMYK

we have samples of these if you need the actual they are 9" x 12"

A1391 See nice grey yellow chart you can get to use on charts on 9x12 skin

A1870 for backgrounds showing opacity at 100% 50% & 25%

A1906   27 colors at 100% opacity at bottom of page

A3181  Colors plus line widths with opacity changes for light lines


CMYK to Pantone chart   Panone Coated to CMYK/RGB

Pixelation with very light colors or opacity

Waivers see also below about colors

Final Proofs Waiver of liability if no sample
Production Exactly like Sample Board



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