Double Sided Tape to mount dry erase boards to walls and resurface 
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linoleum roller

Note- if possible do an on the floor installation with weight applied because it is always better and easier than applying to a vertical surface.   If  you must do a vertical (wall installation) then contact adhesive is best, either roll on or spray like Hybond.   IF you want an alternate method than you can use double sided tape, but please follow directions below and try it on a sample board before committing the whole lot.

For mounting of either our MarkaBoard Phenolic or our MarkaSteel-MG there are some important rules to follow using double sided tape.

1>  old chalkboard must be very clean.  Scrub and  rinse with soap and water or get down to clean surface with alcohol (make sure use clean rags so you actually clean the boards)

2> double sided tape is to be applied to the New sheet first and fully rolled with the linoleum roller while release liner is still on it.  Then it should be left overnight for the bond to cure.    Then after board is placed against chalkboard use the linoleum roller to go over the whole board to insure the components get squeezed together.

3>  The bow in either our phenolic or steel is really not very strong and if steps 1 and 2 above are adhered to there should be no problem.     The Phenolic does have a bow and must be installed properly to have it work.  

4>  If there is a small area that still needs attachment stick some liquid nails there and roll it again.   The boards are thick enough that the liquid nails will not cause noticeable bumps.

5> to remove our DS tape use either acetone or bug and tar remover.   test it to see if either harm the materials.

quantity price each Fob point    5/11/05
roll 23" x 108 ft = 216 ft2 $146 roll
works out to $0.68 ft2
applied to our materials $0.94 ft2 pre-applied SC
This double backed take is fantastic and solves the adhesive cure issues when using adhesives.

The biggest problem with our tape is that you really have to align it correctly since there is no  way you will be moving it, once in place.   We also recommend using a hand help pressure roller to roll the surface so that the complete board adheres properly.   We use this tape to mount our MarkaSteel-MG skins to 1/4" hardboard on the flat and with pressure.

for cut to size pieces see Cutting of MarkaSteel-MG