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General Cleaning and Warranty

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Cleaning  - do not use Disinfectants
is for Hospital use see Hospital Warrantee
Important - treat the surface like you would a pair of glasses - only soft non abrasive materials should ever touch it!
Bounty Style paper towels are best - do not use the brown abrasive style paper towel or anything like a Scotch-Brite pad.   If you have something on the board that does not erase easily use Expo cleaner with soft cloths, do not try to rub it off,  that will only wear thru the dry erase surface and make it impossible to use.   
Chemical resistance: You can freely use Sanford Expo Whiteboard cleaner for MarkaSteel-MG (both non-printed and printed Dry erase surfaces). Isopropyl Alcohol (70% solution) or Alcohol-based whiteboard cleaners are the highest recommended cleaning solutions to use. Soap and water also are fine as cleaners.  Windex is safe also and we do not recommend other cleaners.  Use of other cleaning solutions may be caustic and/or abrasive and are prohibited.
We have had boards ruined by baby wipes and disinfectants that are perfectly safe for people!

Heat Resistance: Do not write on the MarkaSteel-MG surface when temperatures are greater than 105 degrees Fahrenheit the surface becomes porous at higher temperatures and absorbs the ink. Let cool completely before writing on surface.

Permanent Markers: If permanent marker gets on board write over the area with a dry-erase marker and wipe off immediately. The dry-erase markers do a great job of dissolving the permanent marker. Or, easily clean-off with an Alcohol-based cleaner and soft cloth or paper towel. Do not try to scrub out marks by brute force or with abrasives.

Abrasives:  Our standard gloss finish will suffer permanent damage from the use of abrasive cleaners and erasers that are to hard, do not use such as the bristle type from Walltalkers, MarkaWall and Sky.

General Use:  The biggest problem people have with dry-erase boards is keeping erasers for to long and not removing "dry-marker-residue".   Boards need to be cleaned regularly with an Expo type cleaner to remove the "dry-marker-residue" and erasers need to be cleaned or replaced.   How often????   well, when you go to erase the board and all you get is smearing and its seems that rubbing just makes it worse then its time to clean it.

Also see Resurfacing for repairing of boards

Warranty MarkaSteel-MG without DaPlus
Indoff warrants to its purchasers that  MarkaSteel-MG products will be free from any defects in material or workmanship and meet the design criteria noted in our catalogs when properly applied and installed per our recommended installation instructions. If, in the sole opinion of Indoff, a product covered by this warranty is defective, Indoff  will replace it free of charge. This warranty shall extend for a period of one year from the date of shipment. THIS WARRANTY IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED AND IS THE SOLE WARRANTY EXTENDED BY Indoff.  The liability of Indoff under this material warranty is limited to the replacement of MarkaSteel-MG products and does not include any responsibility for other damages. 
     Use of abrasive cleaners, abrasive erasers, disinfectants of any type, non-approved cleaning fluids and failure to follow cleaning procedures will void warrantee.    10/14/2008
also see testing  and salvaging damaged boards see Goof Off
==> For Hospitals - how to deal with disinfectants  see our DaPlus film which is disinfectant resistant....  General info   Resistence to Disinfectants  Warrantee  Why use DaPlus