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Cleaning and Warranty

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Cleaning and Warranty 9/10/2020
In full hospital use since Sept of 2007

Care & Maintenance Instructions for the DaPlus

Important care before using writing surface:
A. Clean the surface completely with a non-abrasive household cleaner, such as a soap and water, glass cleaner, isopropyl alcohol, or Expo Cleaner. Dry with a clean soft cloth.   
Important maintenance for  surfaces:
1. Use a dry erase marker from a reputable company.
2. Remove dry-erase markings with a a soft cloth, press firmly when erasing, using a circular motion.  Felt erasers are not recommended in hospitals due to germ retention and that there is no way to sanitize erasers.
3. For daily cleaning, or as needed, rinse the surface with soapy water, glass cleaner, or acetone. This can be done with a sponge or a soft cloth. Acetone will even remove ink from permanent markers.
4. If washing the material with a sponge or a soft cloth and water will not remove the marks, use spray cleaner or wipes recommended by the marker manufacturer or acetone.


Do not use ballpoint pens or other sharp pointed instruments on the surface.
Do not use abrasive cleaners on the surface.
Permanent marker may be removed with dry erase marker manufacturer spray cleaners or wipes or by writing over the markings with a dry erase marker.  
Note: Failure to follow these cleaning instructions could cause you to void the manufacturer's warranty.

DaPlus for use in Hospitals
For Hospitals ---
Warrantee on Indoff boards with DaPlus dry erase surface.

Our boards with the DaPlus surface are guaranteed against ghosting and loss of erase-ability for twenty years as long as the surface has not been abraded. Abrasion will occur if cleaners such as Comet, Soft Scrub, Scotch-Brite type sponges or abrasive wipes are used; non-abrasive disinfectants and cleaning liquids will not void the warranty. 
Best cleaning agents are isopropyl alcohol, Expo cleaner and soap and water on a weekly basis.   Use cleaners with any soft material that you would use on your skin, such as towelettes, napkins, paper towels, cloths or erasers.

This guarantee is limited to us supplying at no charge replacement DaPlus film for installation by you (installs with board in place like window tinting; instructions will be provided).

1.  We recommend for longest life only using cleaning methods in A above.

2. We realize, however, that hospitals will use CaviWipes and disinfectants such as Virex-TB regularly in either an authorized or unauthorized cleaning routine.  Since our business and expertise is with hospital boards we hereby give our boards a limited 20 year warrantee in hospital use where we will supply you free replacement DaPlus film (that you must install yourselves, but can be done in 10 minutes per board see ReSurfacing & Repairing) if your DaPlus filmed board has ghosting within 20 years of purchase due to chemicals.  If failure is caused by excess abrasion we will sell you the DaPlus replacement film at a price below list price if within the 20 year period..

3. Due to the multitude of disinfectants and development of new ones we feel our "don't ask don't tell" 20 year free replacement of  DaPlus warrantee is the best in the industry and as mentioned above we have 11 years of ACTUAL hospital use to support us and users to verify it.  This is not a false claim based on getting you to believe the board will last forever.

also see Test 1   Test 2  Oxycide  Check our test results and the length that major hospitals have been using it day in and day out!    Boards are expensive.   Don't take a chance on getting someone else's board that can't take your chemicals!

If you insist on getting MarkaSteel without DaPlus see without
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