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DaPlu to Repair Markasteel-MG

DaPlus is our .002" thick clear Dry Erase Film

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Repairing of Chemical Damage

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If your board will not erase Fully and the markers are smeared all over and do not erase at all or not easily you have used disinfectants or chemicals which have destroyed the dry erase characteristics.   Not to Worry!

You can buy updated boards that have had our DaPlus chemical resistant film added  at the factory or you can put the DaPlus on in the field like window tinting.    See   Installing  which tells you how to get markers shadow and stains off and apply the DaPlus3P to get a better than new chemical resistant dry erase board!


Any Maintenance department can perform the cleaning and film application!

Call for Film Pricing or see  Stock  There may be some special pricing available on the film if you have wrecked you boards soon after purchasing them





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