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A 10 mil Clear Dry Erase  Sheet
without adhesive
Repositionable and movable

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it also works perfectly on Ipad's and touch screens



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as a 2 mil

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COAF Video
in a Changeable Frame
Also available as a 2 mil
with PSA backer
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DaPlus10 is the superior 10 mil dry erase film
Use to overlay printed material and instantly have a custom dry erase board.   Use a strong magnetic strip to hold it to a steel dry erase board.   
 Static cling may work but clamping or physical attachment is needed.
easily cut in the field or we can quote you large cots cut to size.
A clear transparent skin that lasts and lays flat
Besides Glass this is the most wear resistant and chemical resistant clear dry erase surface made.
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Use DaPlus10 to make...
* Protect a TV screen from kids
* Make a TV or PC Monitor dry erase
* Overlay a ghosting whiteboard
* Make a AutoCAD drawing dry erase
* Put over lines drawn on a dry erase board - an instant planner
* Put on a wall
* Lens Cover
* Put over steel to make a magnetic dry erase board
* For testing hospital layouts before solid production
* Make Maps and planning charts dry erase
* Make sections changeable on hospital boards
Make an X-Rays dry erase both Digital and Film

Also available as a 2 mil with PSA backer

Very LARGE OEM, Contractor and resale discounts
available to qualified customers, call for Discount Schedule