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DaPlus a MarkaWall Item

A Clear Dry Erase Films

Also in 10 mil no PSA


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Foreign Film Lower Grade-Matt Also


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DaPlus2P is the superior 2 mil dry erase film with at PSA back
     1. Sold in rolls or partial rolls - info in this page
     2. Sold factory applied to MarkaSteel-MG to improve Life
     3. Factory applied to printed matter to make 4' by any length
     4. Factory Applied to clear Acrylic to make dry erase Masks

5. Applied to white magnetic material RL12W-NP-DAP
:Dry Erase Finder: will get to correct usage if you are making item
7.  Get Large Panels Laminated with DaPlus2P - Acrylic also

A new high performance CLEAR dry erase film for laminators, kiss-cutting, ,manufacturers, OEM’s, dry erase restoration, and field creation of dry erase surface and to add chemical resistance to printed dry erase.   

DaPlus .002” film is a premium polyester based true dry erase system that has a 5-year warrentee. This product was originally and still is used to make dry erase wallpaper where it is laminated to thick vinyl and other backings.   Film itself is optically very clear as is the pressure sensitive adhesive.  When applied either wet or by laminating machines at room temperature the film plus adhesive system is optically clear. 
       **Call to discuss your needs… are your dry erase experts.    Temp 400Deg F  


Clear Film With


61" may be available call to see if it is

Adhesive coverage


This is about limits of quality application



Can be made as 1 mil or 4 mil also

Core Diameter

all are on standard 3”ID cores

Can be produced or rewound for other sizes such as 6”

PSA strength

Between removable and light permanent 6 lb peel

Just about any adhesive option can be done—call

PSA thickness


Can be to your needs


High gloss

Not available as a low gloss


Clear  -polyester .002” plastic
Liner is on the Inside of the roll

Other liners available but polyester works best

Other liners available but polyester works best

Bare Film Alone

Batches are available on special order - we do have small samples




Inventory Listing

aPlus-10 ft


$140 List

$14 LF
$3.50 sf

In-stock 11/15/08

DaPlus-10 ft


$140 List

$14 LF
$3.50 sf

In-stock 11/15/08

Very LARGE OEM, Contractor and resale discounts
available to qualified customers, call for Discount Schedule

Warrantee and Cleaning
Cleaning if Damaged
Installation if DaPlus on MarkaSteel

Resistance to Disinfectants
Cleaning and Warrantee

Films Clear
also see DW Film

also DryApCling

Less $ foreign Film not as chemical resistant

3rd Option
Buy new boards and make sure they are treated like a pair of quality glasses see Cleaning and Warranty




picture of sample piece poorly applied 4/13/2012