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DaPlus on Markasteel-MG
with 20 year warranty

DaPlus is our .003" thick clear Dry Erase Film

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New High Abuse Option!

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Why add DaPlus over your MarkaSteel board!

We have found that a small percentage of our hospitals destroy the  dry erase capabilities of our surface.   We attribute it to the use of improper cleaning solutions and erasers (towels) that are to harsh.  We have worked with the hospitals that have had failures and had the DaPlus film field applied (after cleaning) to restore the units to better than new condition.   We have some redone boards in service from July of 2007 (Thomas and Delray). Both customers are very happy to have their boards back in service with a surface that so far has worked perfectly.

The factory surface of our printed MarkaSteel-MG if very good with proper care but its ability to accept the beautiful full color graphics has made the dry erase capabilities not as sturdy as a material developed as strictly a non-printed dry erase.  The DaPlus film is used to make dry erase wallpaper, has a 20 year warranty and was developed for long life..

If DaPlus film is destroyed by user it can be removed and you can buy the DaPlus to field install!   Adhesive is very aggressive and removal will involve heat and patience.

DaPlus film Factory applied will increase your boards dry erase life and make it almost impervious to normal abuse!

Disinfectants really destroy our dry erase see informal test results Resistance to Disinfectants

Pricing!  see inventory or all Allen at x111
The PSA DaPlus Film if bought alone is $2.50-$4 per sq ft list depending on quantity   

These sizes have pricing added to their regular hospital board page
12" x 18" 18" x 24"  9" x 12" 24" x 36"   Quotes 36" x 48"  

without film  Warrantee and Cleaning
Cleaning if Damaged
Permanent Sharpie Test and Cleaning
Resistance to Disinfectants
Installation of DaPlus in Field
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