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NO DaPlus on MarkaSteel-MG

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Custom Printed for Patient's Rooms

Home date 9/7/2013

We know our dry erase surface does fine with the recommended Cleaning schedule of isopropyl alcohol, Expo Cleaner or soap and water.  We have found by years of ruined boards that 60% of hospitals can not maintain this strict use of limited cleaners and  boards.   We strongly recommend the purchase of DaPlus disinfectant resistant film.   Failure to get the film and not following cleaning recommendations will make the boards harder and harder to erase till they either need to be replaced or  you will need to buy the DaPlus film for field installation.    Many of our Dealers will not sell hospitals boards without film.    We still do because the boards will maintain their dry erase abilities if only the correct cleaners are used.   We also sell a lot of boards to Schools, and business where disinfectants are not even in the building.   Hospital wise about 99.5% are ordered with film!  That is why we need this acknowledgement signed before we produce the boards!
Warranty to hospital will only 2 years and will not be honored for any ghosting issues.

 I acknowledge that I have read the above description explaining the risk of not ordering film on Board
 and still choose not to


for PO ____________  signed by ______________   Department _________________________

Title________________________ Phone # _______________________

Signature_________________   Date ___________

We will need to confirm w/ person signing form via phone that they understand the down side of not purchasing the film
We suggest you get your boss to sign also



Added Cost for film if added to order ___________