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FAQ on Antimicrobial

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An antimicrobial is an agent that kills microorganisms or stops their growth.  It can be applied to or incorporated into many different surfaces. 

Regular glass is not antimicrobial but rather it is is bacteria resistant and wipes clean every time.   Their are specialty glasses made that have actual embedded microbial agents but as far a we know none are used in glass whiteboards.

The glass boards we have reviewed claim to be better than other whiteboard surfaces because they clean so well and because you can use ammonia and other cleaners to decontaminate surface. 
>>>> Note the glass surface itself is not
antimicrobial its just very cleanable

Our Daplus2 and Daplus10 surfaces are very smooth and hard and are are very close to glass in being cleanable and unable to be penetrated by bacteria.

Glass to be microbial must have an FDA rating!


We have seen glass vs whiteboard comparisons where they left expo cleaner on whiteboard and used ammonia on glass board.  We recommend ammonia based cleaners and all hospital disinfectants for our boards to get the best sanitary cleansing job done. 

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