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Virex TB in spray bottle and baby wipe test done in my cellar

Material 9/23      
A  DaPlus perfect shape      
B Magwall-Lite perfect shape      
C MarkaSteel hard to clean - ghosting      
D MarkaSub hard to clean - ghosting      
E Clear Film 184343 hard to clean - ghosting      

8/1/08  started wiping surfaces with baby wipes 2-3 time a day  -   no effect

8/19/08 got Virex-TB started spraying boards with it and leaving from anywhere from 1 minute to 24 hours, next time got to boards I would get a Bounty paper towel and wipe it dry or if the Virex had dried I'd spray with more Virex and wipe it dry.
Then I would leave a nice fresh spray in the center of each board till I got back again.   This spray-clean-spray cycle was repeated between 1 and 6 times per day.

8/28/08  MarkaSteel getting hard to clean --- need many rubs but is cleanable

9/10/08  C, D and E getting harder to clean but still cleanable

9/26/08    on 9/23 stopped testing cleaned with Windex and wrote on them.  Let sit till 9/26.  pictures below.....
    at this point C,D, and E can still be cleaned fully and easily with Expo cleaner but we would certainly consider them as degraded and recommend DaPlus be applied to make them dry-erasable again.


9-26-normal pressure two passes
9/26 test with much hard rubbing but no chemical cleaners